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Moose is part of the Kids Reading to Dogs Program. Once a month, Moose meets at a local library with 1st and 2nd graders who can have 1 on 1 time to read to Moose. With the first year a success we have just started the second year and Moose is looking forward to hearing some great books.

Moose and I are now Official Maine Troop Greeters. The mission of Maine Troop Greeters is to express gratitude and appreciation to the troops for those going overseas and those returning home. Bangor is one of the main stopping points for servicing the chartered aircrafts.  Moose and I are humbled to have the privilege to say Thank you and Good luck to the Men, Women and Dogs who are fighting every day for freedom. We care and support them.
Moose visits Bangor Nursing and Rehab weekly. He gets so excited to visit the residences, to make new friends w/ the recovery patients and oh course to see the staff.

                 My Favorite Places to visit

Grandma & Grandpa's house in Flordia- That's a no-brainer, I get everything I want there. 
Doggie Daycare w/ Jen at Country Kennel
My Groomer: Hallie at Canine Camp
My Vet: Mark Hanks at Kindred Spirits
Pet Quarters in Bangor because I can shop and get lots of treats.
Central Maine Harley Davidson: It's a biker thing.

                         BAKER                                                                            GEORGE

OTHERS THAT ARE CAMERA SHY:    Buddy, Elle, & Farva

         My Friends that have crossed over:

ZEUS March 1993-April 2008

Brandy 2008    
 Lana 2005-March 2009

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